Friday, April 30, 2010

Manual Focus

I am puttering in the yard and garden more this year than in recent years, so my eye is continually drawn to the emerging shapes and blooms. I was finding that my camera/lens combination was having a difficult time auto-focusing on the correct details of plants when I wanted close ups. Popping the camera to manual focus was the clear answer. It took a second or so longer for the first shot, but there was seldom a need for a second.


There is something about the shape of an opening fern that pleases me at some deep level. I suspect it is the obvious recognition of the Fibonacci number made manifest.

Here is a shot of my black trillium. This one also delights me. It took several years to bloom, but has been hardy. This year, like last, it has two blooms.


Here is a link to the SLIDE SHOW of these recent Garden Square images so that they can be viewed in a larger, more juicy size. The newest ones are up front.

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  1. What is funny is, the moment I saw that first picture, the Fibonacci sequence occurred to me as well.

    Love your photography, absolutely.


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