Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farmers and Buskers

Today was the opening day of our weekly Farmer's Market, held around the square that defines the state capitol's grounds. It being a sunny spring day, the masses were out in huge numbers. Too soon for much fresh produce, there were lots of vendors selling food and flowers, though there were some early greens for sale: Spinach, leeks, garlic and such.


In perfect timing, the tulips surrounding the entrances to the capitol were in full, riotous bloom. It was simply gorgeous.


Also today, the Madison Literary Council had organized a fund raising event, and on each corner of State Street there were musicians busking for tips, all of which went to the MLC. A pretty cool ides, and the crowds seemed willing to play along. Reena's cohorts in the form of their band, al Khemia, played at the corner of State and Dayton, collecting $62 in the hour they were there. If others did similarly it was a pretty good event for the organization.


It was a pretty good day all around. There are more photos in a SLIDE SHOW, in a larger format for your viewing pleasure.

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