Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Samba Fest, Part I

The band in which my wife plays - Pagee Go Go - was the opening act at Madison's first (annual?) Summer Samba Fest. Attendance was pretty good, and the band played well. Friends of the band came from Chicago and Duluth, MN to see the show.

Summer Samba Fest 09
Pagee Go Go at the High Noon Saloon

There were all sorts of people in the audience. Some opted to get into the spirit of things and wear samba or carnaval-inspired clothing or costumes. Reena has been doing more singing with the band, and last night she did fine. They are doing a cover of Hank William's "Jambalaya", a Cajun song done in sort of a forro style. Pretty fun, actually. The band also covers a lot of classic Brazilian music, mostly samba, but they also have some originals, and other covers as well. I particularly enjoy their rollicking cover of Tom Wait's, "Ice Cream Man".

Summer Samba Fest 09
Reena, Chris, and Kristin

My first batch of photos, those of Pagee Go Go, are in a set at Flickr. Here's a link to a slideshow, or watch it here in a small size:

There will be a couple more posts for the headlining band, The Handphibians, and the special guests of SSF, Masamba Dance. Watch this space!

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  1. Sorry, but I have to point out that it looks like Jeff is standing in a bucket in the first photo...yes, I know it is a drum sitting on the floor, but...hee,hee! Kind of reminds me of a Monty Python skit. Laurie


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