Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cycropia Rehearsal at Orton

Wow, am I tired! In preparation for the aerial dance performance at the Orton Park Festival, a bunch of us dancers and dancer-friends gathered at the park at 9 AM. First on the agenda was to rake and rake and rake under the oak tree in which we perform. Nothing quite like stomping bare-footed on an acorn. After raking, we picked up buckets full of sticks and acorns. Simultaneously, folks prepped the branches with rigging for the apparatus we use. By noon, the space was clear and we started a long rehearsal process.

Cycropia: Rehearsal at Orton

Each piece got a set amount of time to rehearse. One of the pieces I'm in got a bit longer time slot, because we need the polishing time. For two hours we ran the piece and lab'd certain sticky spots. Equally important was simply learning how things worked on the actual rig points in the tree.

Cycropia: Rehearsal at Orton

The second piece I am in had a shorter time slot as it needs less work. We ran the physically intense piece three times and called it sufficient. Reena got a really nice shot of our finale:

Cycropia: Rehearsal at Orton

Tomorrow we have another long day of rehearsals.

There are more photos posted in a slide show HERE at my Flickr site. Enjoy!

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