Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dreams of Vacations Past

I have been working on a large photography project, and have not been taking many photos for purely pleasure. Often I post images from recent or in-process projects, but this one is time sensitive: I cannot release any of the photos prior to a future date, so they will just have to wait. Too bad, really, because some of them are tremendous.

As I was sitting at my desk today I daydreamed about a past vacation that was totally enjoyable. I thought, maybe we should repeat that trip. That got me to thinking about more trips, and many of them I wished could be reprised. I guess that means they were good vacations. So, in lieu of recent work pictures, I'll post a few vacation pics!

a13 from Tobago Cays
Tobago Cay in the southern Caribbean

The above photo was taken while on a Windjammer (RIP) cruise. The ship had only 44 passengers on that trip (max. was 66) so it was pretty spacious. We avoided all touristy ports of call and instead spent our days on deserted islets like this one. Awesome.

Lake Superior Shoreline

On a completely different sort of a trip, we took our motorcycles around Lake Superior. From Madison we drove to Sault Ste. Marie, into Canada, and around the lake counter-clockwise. As beaches go, the one at Tobago wins the day. There is something alluring about the power of Lake Superior however that draws us back fairly often.

Day's End Reward
Day's End Reward

We are more inclined to take care of our own meals when we travel, eschewing fancy restaurants in favor of the simple pleasure of grilled steaks and cold beers. This is especially true when we are traveling on the motorcycles. This particular trip was an exploration of twisty back roads in western Wisconsin. There are thousands of them, and we have done variations of this theme half a dozen times at least.

Desert Womb
Cave Near Moab, UT

Hiking in Moab was interesting, but it was primarily a dancing trip. A later trip to Sedona was more about experiencing the spirit of the place. Just hanging out at our B&B was pretty amazing.

Penrose B&B in Sedona

Last year I made a trip out to Cape Cod, which included a ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard where we rented bikes and toured a bit. I was really there because I was officiating at a a good friend's wedding ceremony.

Falmouth Harbor, Cape Cod
Falmouth Harbor, Cape Cod

Hmmm, now where to?

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