Saturday, May 30, 2009

The shot within the shot

Every once in a while, when I am scanning an area in search of a photo, I see one. And then I see The One. First I took this shot, deliberately cropping out the mother, but not being too mindful of the other two in the image (who are not in any way related.


As I hit the shutter my brain said, "Whoa, missed it." WTF? I looked again, paused for the movement to settle out, and zoomed a little tighter. Voile - he correct picture. Mom is paused because junior has found something that distracted him. She is waiting without apparently trying to hurry him along. One hand is out of the picture. Is she carrying something else? Is she merely on a phone? You do not know and it adds a little tension. The water in the background, the dress and sandals all paint a picture of a glorious day at the lake. For the child, it may be one of those carefree days of summer that become indelibly imprinted. It is a story every mom would identify with.

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The lesson here is to not leave an image your brain zeroed in on. Give it a second look because the real shot may be lurking within.

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  1. Amazing how a few second of patience can really change the image.


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