Thursday, May 14, 2009

More of Pewit's Nest

Reena and I took another trip up to Pewit's Nest on Tuesday. One of the advantages of being unemployed is the ability to go interesting places when (almost) no on else is there. Reena's sister was in town visiting mom, so we took her as well; her first time to the Nest. As you would guess, I took some photos.

Pewit's Nest
Pewit's Nest in B&W


While I was precariously perched to get that shot, Reena remained safe above me and took this shot.

Pewit's Nest
Getting the Shot

There is exactly ONE place to get a shot of all the falls up the length of the canyon. It is an easy enough climb down to reach that spot, except that it is sloped, and covered with an inch or three of loose pine needles and sandy soil. It is all too easy to contemplate a small slip turning into a fast skid and over the edge you would go. It is about a 30' drop onto boulders (and the creek). Since there is no access to the crash-landing spot except by walking up the creek, the EMTs would probably be all kinds of pissed off if they had to come rescue me. I was veeeery careful! Notice that the down-slope tripod leg is fully extended while the other two are barely extended.

Here is a link to info about Pewit's Nest. It's a few pages down in the document. Interesting reading:
"it received its name in 1843 from thefact that an ingenious mechanic built a workshop in a recess of thesolid sandstone there, ten feet above a deep pool of water the basin ofwhich had been excavated by the plunge of water over a fall of eightor ten feet in height. The approach to it was either through a trapdoor in the roof, or a trapdoor in the floor. If through the roof, it wasby climbing down the rock wall to it; if through the floor, it was by a floating bridge upon the pool, with a ladder at its end leading to thetrapdoor in the floor. The shop could not be seen from the mouth ofthe canyon, or from the top, or from any direction but one. Hence,by the early settlers it was called Pee-wee's Nest."


  1. the B&W large photo reminds me of Ansell Adams' photos! Nicely done my friend! :)

  2. Wow the B&W is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the info about it, I may have never known about this place. Definately adding it to my "places to visit list".


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