Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Spirit

Every so often I get to take photographs of people who really delight me. This set is one of those people. She is truly a delightful spirit; warm, friendly, and of pleasant disposition. Her life has not always been easy, yet she always has a ready smile and a kind word. If she has something to share, she shares it.


When I took these photos, she was camping with a group that included Reena and me, her mom, and her friend who is also a dance partner. Prior to playing dress-up for these pictures she was wearing a tee shirt that read, "I get it from my mom." It was a perfect compliment to her also-fine mom, a dear friend.


It being early May, the weather was nice, but variable. There were clouds moving across our area all afternoon. I was hoping for sunset pictures, but a large patch of clouds seemed to be settling in, so we bumped the timing up a bit. Thus we got images that are a bit more squinty-eyed than might be desirable, with light that is still pretty strong.


Nevertheless, the experience was delightful and the results are fine. In some small way I captured a slice of her essence to share. The real person is so much more.


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  1. I love the first photo! Her spirit really does fill the frame. Nice...



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