Monday, February 13, 2012

A Young Man's Fancy Turns to Thoughts of ...

Spring is definitely approaching, even though it was snowing here today and the roads are rimed with salt. Nevertheless, it is nearly spring, and a young(ish) man's fancy turns to thoughts of ...


At the Chicago Motorcycle Expo

This past weekend I went to the annual International Motorcycle Expo in Chicago. It is a deep dive into the motorcycle pool, a chance to see all the new bikes and shop for all the latest in gear, clothes and accessories, and snake oil.

At the Chicago Motorcycle Expo

I was delighted to see the above bike: The new incarnation from Erik Buell Racing. Like a phoenix, EBR arose from the ashes of Harley-Davidson's epic mishandling of the brand (and corporate stupidity and rigidity of mind-numbing proportion) to build this tasty, effective race bike. Street bikes cannot be too far behind.

This sweet yellow custom caught my eye and made me buy a raffle ticket in hopes that i would be lucky and one day soon it would be mine.

At the Chicago Motorcycle Expo

It started as a Honda VFR 250 and was stripped of all its bodywork and converted to a street-tracker. I would LOVE to rip around town on this bike!

There were many temptations and I drooled on many. In the end, all I bought was a fancy, high-tech shirt to wear when I ride in warm temps. We shall see if it was worth the money. Regardless, I had the experience I wanted, and am thus somewhat sated for the next six weeks of cold and snow before we really start seeing spring.

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