Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have a little poem I read somewhere, many years ago, that makes an appearance around this time every year. It makes me giddy to type it. You see, it is the celebration of one of my absolutely favorite moments of the year.

First a winter storm awoke us.
Then the rains began to soak us.
Before our eyes could clearly focus:

Crocus!!! (DS3_4153)

Yep, you bet'cha. I have crocus coming up in my yard. w00t! Iris too.

Iris!!!  (DS3_4156)

I spent a bit of time with Nala out there nosing around, enjoying the spring-like temperatures, and more to the point, spring smells.

Nala Enjoying the Sunshine (DS3_4152)

We are not done with winter by a long shot, but it surely is comforting to know that Spring is lying in wait. Happy Imbolc!

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  1. I loved the sun today, but crocuses on Feb. 4 are unnatural, spooky . . .


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