Thursday, February 2, 2012


We still do not really have "winter" here in southern Wisconsin. We are having either an extended fall or a long spring. No real deep freezes yet, and I still look askance at the ice-fishermen on the bay. Is the ice really thick enough? Today was one of those occasions when we have below freezing temps at night ... barely ... followed by just above freezing temps, so we had hoar, the sort of frost that grows into spike needles.

Winter Hoar

Since the sun never came out, the hoar lasted until mid-afternoon outside my workplace. It made for pretty distraction as I left the building to run an errand at lunch time.

Wind Blown Hoar

Interestingly, I shot these in jpg format rather than raw, and did the post-camera editing and uploading via my iPad. The tools are not great (I have only free apps so far) but they were barely adequate for this task.


I resisted the temptation to ruin the pics by making them look like I had shot them with a $30, light-leaking Diana camera rather than a $1,600 DSLR with a reasonable lens. *grin*

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