Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Thoughts

I do not shoot food very often. However, this still life Reena arranged with some simple produce from our back yard was too pretty to resist.

Still Life From Garden (DS3_2916)

As we shift into Labor Day holiday weekend, pause for a moment and think about where your food comes from. Is it produced locally? Are the farmer and his laborers justly compensated? Are the animals treated well? Is the bulk of the profit from your consumption going to a corporate executive who maximizes his own profit at the expense of food safety, animal husbandry, and fair labor practices?

You cannot fix it all, nor can you do it alone. But every little bit helps. "Business as usual" is not helping We The People any more. It is time to reflect and choose differently.

My friend Laurie leads by example: She and her family hunt, raise rabbits and chickens, keeps bees and make their own mead and beer, and have an eye-popping yield of vegetables from a tiny yard. While not self-sustaining, they have certainly found ways to foster sustainability.

Huh. All that babble inspired by a simple photo of a handful of vegetables.

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