Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ginger, or Maryann?

Very seldom do I revisit an older photo to "process" it differently. I have been thinking a lot lately about Ansel Adams and how much time and effort he put in to the darkroom end of photography. Not just choice of paper and supplies, but the dodging and burning to produce exactly the photograph he wanted to produce.

I shoot digital. I do not use a darkroom. I do use Photoshop. I use it quite sparingly.

And then one day I shot a circus, and the sky was crisp, deep blue, and the colors were all vivid. That photo seemed very manipulated to me despite that it was pretty much 'straight from camera'. I like it, and keep going back to it. It was the vividness of it that drew me. Then today a friend poked me with a question about some of his photos: Color, or B&W? I got to thinking about that photo again in this context. Would it be better in color or B&W?

Your call. I reprocessed the RAW image in Photoshop converting it to B&W with an infrared filter affect.

Infrared Circus Rides (DS3_9244)

Here is the original. I did have a circular polarizing filter on the camera.

Waiting For the Fair to Open (DS3_9244)

Which works better to YOUR eye?


  1. Interesting... normally I prefer black and white and find it easier to track the shapes in the image. In this case, though, I prefer the color. There's something I find visually confusing about all the pipes/arms/bars without the color to differentiate them.

  2. The two versions evoke totally different "feelings" for me. The BW is otherworldly, especially with the dark sky and stark white arms of the machines. That's cool! The color photo is whimsical and summerday cheery with it's rainbow of brightness. That's cool!


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