Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lily Faery Scattering Color Dust

While I was walking home from the Atwood Neighborhood Festival yesterday, a bit of movement caught my eye in the garden I was passing. At first I couldn't locate whatever had caught my attention and I was just about to move along when I spotted her! I am pretty certain it was a female, but I know that some males also dress this way which makes positive identification difficult. I did not want to approach too close and scare her off, so I was glad to have along my 28-200 zoom. I tele'd out to maximum zoom and got just this one photo:

Lily Fairy Scattering Color Dust

Click on the link to see it larger. She was racing from petal to petal scattering color essence. I believe that essence is what makes these lilies so saturated with color. It was really amazing to watch and I cannot believe I actually got to see her in action. I think she hit every bloom in under a minute! What a treat.

For those who care about such things: Shutter 1/640, ISO 250, f/9.0. If I had time I could have bumped the ISO to 1000 or so to get my shutter speed up and stop her motion a bit more. *shrug* I am happy to have gotten what I did.

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