Friday, August 27, 2010

Aerial Dance at Orton Park Festival

It has been an extremely busy week getting ready for the aerial dance performance in the tree at the Orton Park Festival. We started Saturday by thoroughly raking the 'stage' area under the tree, getting up as much of the tree debris - acorns and sticks - as possible to protect our bare feet. We also rigged the tree so that we could hang all the various apparatus: Trapeze, rope ladders, silks, lyra, and steel bars, both horizontal and vertical. Then we rehearsed in the tree on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Tuesday night I helped load various trucks with lighting equipment, backstage tents and fabric "walls" erected with rebar, posts, cable, and time.

Wednesday we rigged all the lights, in trees and on posts, and set up the sound and lighting control tent and equipment. Additionally we set up the backstage changing tent and 90' long back fabric wall. It's all very complicated and only done once a year, so everyone's knowledge and experience becomes invaluable. It is documented, but that only goes so far. Wednesday night we had our dress rehearsal and tech run. It went so well! We were out of the park well before our 'optimistic' end time. All signs were that it was going to be a great show.

Last night, Thursday was the first run. Of course since I am in the show I have no photos of that, but I was backstage doing makeup with everyone else, so I offer a few photos of that. The final performance is tonight, Friday 8/27, at 8:45. Come see it, but arrive early!


For a show like this, at night under spotlights, eyes become all-important. They have to be B I G .


If you would like to see more, including some shots of rehearsals in the tree, you can view this SLIDE SHOW. Enjoy!

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