Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still Winter, Darn It

Alas, it is still winter. The switch in my head has been flipped to "Spring" and that gets me thinking about motorcycles rather than snow shovels. Unfortunately for me, it snowed over night and shoveling is on the agenda for this morning rather than a motorcycle ride.


At least it is pretty out there again with a new dusting of snow.


At least according to our local groundhog, winter will be over soon. I suppose that means spring in only a month-and-a-half rather than the six weeks we would experience if he had seen his shadow. I have already started looking for crocus shoots on the south side of my house. Based on the 7-day forecast it will be at least a week before that area is clear of snow again.

Maybe some philanthropist will send me money for a plane ticket to Miami or, better yet, Grenada. I could use a beach day or six!

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