Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Cold Walk

Last week seemed unusually full. I had some work, true, but mostly it was home-bound projects that kept me away from the camera (and this blog). We had a weekend visit from a delightful friend which prompted us to spend an inordinate (for us) amount of time cleaning, putting away, and discarding. We sort of like the results, so perhaps more of that will occur.

One of our rewards for slaving over the house was to take a walk around the Olin-Turville park. It has been a long time since I spent any time there and I had forgotten how large it was. Still being the dead of winter, there was only so much variety to see.


Our timing was right though, and we got lots of nice low-sun light to work with for pictures. That made the walk a bit more interesting, but not any less cold.


The thermometer said 24 degrees (F) when we left, but it did not say that it was 24 and windy. My brief poke of my nose out the front door did not reveal that either. I was woefully unprepared for the actual conditions (Silly Pagan, never assume Nature cares about you!). At first my hands froze since I only had fleece gloves on that did not block the wind. I managed to deal with them and achieve comfort, but by then my feet were frozen. I had only cotton socks, thin ones at that, under my hiking boots. Oh how I wished for my Smart Wool socks! We continued on so that we could get a few shots of the Capitol across the bay as the light faded.


Then while Reena walked on for a few more minutes (being prepared more wisely) I trotted back to the car to get warm, pausing for one last shot on the way.


No damage to the tootsies, but it was an uncomfortable half-hour as they thawed out. A cup of piping hot ginger tea upon returning home set everything to right.


  1. I have to say, you have really gotten good at this over the last year. Great work.


  2. Thank you, Steve. I admit to having more fun with it as well.


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