Saturday, February 13, 2010

Players Playing

Here is the accompanying post to the "Singers Singing" from a couple of days ago. I have loads of photos of musicians doing their thing, and it seemed like a fun idea to put a dozen or so together in one themed post. Enjoy!

One of the players of Hanngai

Kepa Junkera

A Little Night Music
Unknown player Chris Powers at an art opening

There are more after the jump, so follow the link to read the rest of the post!

Anna of Reptile Palace Orchestra

Genya and Rhiannon of Limanya

World Music Festival:  Mucca Pazza
Mucca Pazza

Summer Samba Fest 09
Wall of drummers - The Handphibians

Tab Benoit's Bassist
Bassist for Tab Benoit

Kia with Reptile Palace Orchestra

Daithi W. on Violin
Daithi on violin in a garage band jam

Jason and Katy
Jason and Katy of Incus

Tani Diakite Jammin'
Tani Diakite

Pam on riqq

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  1. Nice set, Nataraj! I believe your unknown mandolin player is Chris Powers (host of Mud Acres, Friday mornings on WORT).


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