Monday, October 12, 2009


It has been a while since I posted. I wrapped up one shoot and am laying the groundwork for another. That has left only a little time for shooting for pleasure. Today I decided to simply offer up a potpourri of photos. They are unrelated except in that they entertained me, and I hope, you. Enjoy!

The Cap'n Abides
The Captain Abides

As the temperature outside nose-dived last week, and inside as well, the cat rediscovered "hanging out". Suddenly again, he remembers that it is warm to sit with us on the couch or curl up between our heads in bed. Stalking sunbeams has also become a favorite pastime. In short, he is behaving like a friendly cat.

End of Season Rose
End-of-Season Rose

Much of our yard and garden has fallen prey to the frosty overnight temperatures. This rose is tough though. It is right up against the foundation of the house and so stays warmer than if it were on its own. Despite a few overnight lows in the twenties, this bloom is still going. We have seen this bush pop out one final bloom as late as Thanksgiving.

Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer!

I shot a birthday party over the weekend, and someone brought this exquisite blast from the past to the 1-year old birthday girl. I have to say, I am a little bit jealous. As a longtime motorcycle rider I would not mind being seen on a machine like this. Those flowing lines! That perfect chrome grill! The racy seat and tail bump to keep the rider in place during hard acceleration. It's perfect...

Light yields to darknes.
Summer has been harvested,
and winter won't wait.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. Redz, too, has re-discovered my lap, especially while I'm on the computer! Love the Radio Flyer....true, a bike like that would sell for "grown-ups"....especially with the name "Radio Flyer" on it! thanks for the pics! Glad you're busy! peace out, friend!


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