Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Pointless" Motorcycle Ride

I always know when I am on a "good" motorcycle ride. I know it because I know kind of where I am, but not exactly. I am following my nose, taking only roads that look interesting; the journey is the reason not the destination. My 80-mile loop on Tuesday was such a ride.

Temperatures were in the low-40's so I never planned to range too far from home, but I wanted to give myself every opportunity to ride for as long as I wanted. So I looked for unfamiliar roads in otherwise pretty familiar territory. The sort of roads that climb and wind over and through the local hills and dales giving me a view of the larger community in which I live. I never got more than 25 miles from Madison.

Get me roads

One thing I have learned through the years is that almost every pointless ride is enhanced by a stop in some small town cafe for a cuppa coffee and a piece of homemade pie (or maybe a good chocolate chip cookie). On this ride I found myself in Stoughton, so I cruised Main Street looking for the right place. Turns out there really is only one such place left, at least on Main St. In true small town flavor, the restaurant was called "Koffee Kup". The coffee was good and plentiful (my own pot delivered to the table) and the pie - strawberry-rhubarb - was excellent, and enhanced with a decent scoop of rich vanilla ice cream.

Darn good cuppa coffee, darn good piece'a pie.

A great ride. Would it have been so fine if it had been shared at the time?

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