Saturday, November 1, 2008

Subtle Fall Color

Things may be dying off in the yard as fall marches inexorably towards fall, but that does not mean that there is no beauty left to be found in my garden. The colors are generally more subtle, but when one looks closer, there really is a lot of drama remaining.

Fall Color
Fall Morning Glory

I am wasting time avoiding some inevitable yard work such as cutting back dead stalks and lifting canna lily rhizomes out for winter storage in my basement. Some tidying up needs to occur in the garage as well, bringing the lawn mower in, as well as my bicycle, and sweeping out a summer and fall's worth of dirt and leaves. We also need to stash one more motorcycle in the shed so that we can crowd the remaining bikes and the car into the one-stall garage for the winter. Fortunately it is 60 (f) and sunny so working outdoors today is a treat.

It seems the morning glory is not quite dead yet, and is still making a Herculean effort to grow.

Final Quest

I think I will take that as a lesson of the Never Give Up sort. Never stop growing and seeking new ideas, places, and people in your life. As Warren Zevon sang, "sleep when you're dead." In the meantime, LIVE!

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