Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dissent of the Day

I have been taken to task in the comments for my Prop H8 post. Care to weigh in with your thoughts? Leave a comment, and please be courteous. I think Prop 8 is an important issue, so if I was out of line, let me know it.


  1. nope... i think 'someone' just jumped to conclusions because you didn't place equal blame on white folks.

    anyone who knows you understands that you, by no means, would keep company with such ideologies as racism, classism, or any other exclusionary '-ism' that can be bandied about carelessly...

    Prop 8 sux, government has no place in legislating who can love whom. That's all that needs to be said.

  2. The only argument I could have is with the use of stats in the first place. How many blacks were asked? 12, 120, 1200? How many pollsters, at how many polls? Statistics without their background are a wicked, sticky tool because they become inferentially succulent yet absolutely unsound. ~~Gail Catheryn


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