Sunday, November 2, 2008

Savoring the Fall

It was another beautiful weekend here in Madison. I spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fall colors. While it is true that I neither raked the leaves in my yard, nor rid my gardens of dead plants, I did savor it all and got some things done around the house and yard.

Even the laundry seemed happy outside, blending right in with the yard.

Autumn Laundry
Autumn Laundry

Other bits of interest in the yard are now visible too, since some of the taller plants have died back. This bit of sculpture is almost invisible for August and September, but now is standing tall above the wilted plants.

Wire Blossom
Wire Blossom

A side trip to the Olbrich Gardens seemed important, so Reena and I took an hour or so to walk the grounds. There are still a lot of colors to be taken in, though most of the blossoms are done or frost-wilted and fading. If this weather last a few more days there may be a rally. A friend told me she has new shoots coming up in her gardens. Bad timing!

Olbrich Scenery

Olbrich Reds

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