Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Potpourri Because I Have Not Been Shooting Much

I have been out of pocket for a few months. Starting a (stressful) new job in January was a big part of it. I also co-directed, choreographed for, and danced in an aerial dance performance that ended last weekend. Add in a few photo shoots and you have a life pretty devoid of housework, tax preparation, or general leisure time. My camera has been more idle than any time in the past decade. Today's post is a bit of potpourri, no theme, just pics I enjoyed that never got shared. Enjoy!

First up is a funny/fun one of me at a wedding gig at which we performed. They had an '80's hair band playing, so we worked our costuming to play with that. I am certain this is the first time my hair has been back-combed!


Next is a fun shot of a local performer who was playing at a wedding I shot. He knew when the camera was around!


This third one was a fun vantage point of a handful of dancers. They did not know I was above, and I loved the swirling swing-influenced dance this couple was doing. They danced well, and well together. Fun!


And one last shot, this one of my lovely wife. She had been my helper at an event shoot that night and towards the end of a long day took some time out to enjoy the music. Ahh, love!


Hopefully now that my schedule has lightened up, I will have more time with my camera. And to the fans who are asking, yes, I will post new pics to my DeviantArt page too. If you are curious about that - it is generally work to racy to post at this blog - there is a link on the left sidebar of the eyeDance blog page.

Happy spring!

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