Sunday, April 28, 2013

Behind the scene at last night's performance

Cycropia Aerial Dance had a gig last night in Milwaukee at an old warehouse space repurposed for gala events. I should say that a part of the space is renovated. Plenty of it still looks like a 150-year old warehouse. Our "changing area" this time was a basement hallway - a finished hallway - but a hallway nonetheless. Ambient temperature was mid-60's (F). Not great for standing around in a skin-tight lightweight costume just before you are going to want your muscles warm and supple. While we were all getting ready, I took a wander with my camera. A few steps from our changing area was ...


Nice, huh? In the same general vicinity was a different hallway, this one a bit less creepy.


As is typical, my eye soon went to the details. There was much dust and dirt in this part of the building, and I needed to keep myself looking show worthy, so I did not delve too deeply.



Lots of dust and dirt, rust and peeling paint. Working from the assumption that the entire building probably looked a lot like this when it was renovated, it is pretty amazing how far they have taken the parts that are being used, and the vast potential of the remaining space is interesting. I suspect that as their successes build, they will continue to build out and clean up more and more of the building. It should be really interesting to see what it looks like in another decade.

And here you thought my performance life was all glitter and fancy makeup!

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