Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hoar-ific Day!

It is difficult to top that last post, so I will not try to compete directly. Today I woke up to find a lovely hoar covering all the trees and plants in the area. Reena was heading off for a day of errands, so I had her drop me off at Tenney Park. I worked my way the length of the Yahara River between Lakes Mendota and Menona, snapping away.


There was much at which to look. The coating of frost was pure eye-candy. It was tough to know whether to look macro or tele! I decided to limit myself to my 50 mm Nikon f/1.8 lens. It's a good lens and forced me to move around to get what I wanted.


I also was forced to do a lot with the camera. In order to shoot some images at very wide apertures (down to f/1.8) as well as very small (down to f/22) I was all overthe board with shutter speeds and ISO. Mostly I left ISO at 100 (or the L.03 equivilant) and maneuvered with the other settings. I got most of what I wanted. I did miss a pair of tundra swans that flew past, no more than thirty feet from me. Drat! Ah well, there were plenty of other things to draw my eye.


There are more images, best viewed in this larger format SLIDE SHOW. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh, I am sorry I missed seeing this today! By the time I went outside all the hoarfrost had fallen to the ground. It looked like pointy snowflakes.

    Very beautiful work, Nataraj!

    - M.


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