Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blue Light, Red Hot Music

Hard working musicians have one thing in common: They play. If their need is not satisfied with one band, they will join or create a second. And so it is with the Samba Novistas. Not content to only play music with the local bands Fantasy, Not Fiction and the now defunct Pagee Go Go, guitarist Jeff Alexander hooked up with the tireless Graham Thorbrogger (Handphibians, Patchwork Monkey, WADOMA, Grupo Balanca) and Brasilian chanteuse Anapaula Venancio Schroeder (The Handphibians, Pagee Go Go) to form the Samba Novistas.


They began playing out just a few months ago and have landed a couple of regular gigs at the Mediterranean Hookah Lounge once a month, and The Frequency every Monday night (no cover, 8:30-9:30) opening for Clyde Stubblefield.


They play Brasilian-based music, primarily Samba and Bossa Nova. Though sparse, the solid instrumentation from Alexander and Thorbrogger never leave you wishing for more. Singing mostly in Portuguese, A.P. does a fine job with the vocals. They are worth catching if you are looking for an early show any Monday.

My only complaint from the show last night was that the lights were ... absent. I think there was one bank of six lights, and they aimed mostly at the center of the stage. A.P. got the spotlight and the dudes were pretty much in the dark. Neither one of them minds that too much, but it makes it harder for me to take photos (and it is all about me, right?).

Back of the Stage

There is a small SLIDE SHOW of pictures. As I shoot more of the Samba Novistas I will add to it. Check them out!

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