Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fun Weekend

I went with my wife to join her family for a late Thanksgiving-early Christmas get together. As has become our habit, we got a house near Wisconsin Dells and spent the weekend hanging out, talking, eating, and playing games. The cool part is that we're right near one of the water parks and so spent several hours playing in the water indoors while it snowed like crazy outside. This picture is part of the outside portion of one of the fun new slides. I had a blast on the inside of this, and liked the look of the outside too.
Winter at the waterpark

This little guy was trying to get the hang of his mask while playing in the shallows of the wave pool. Every time he'd get them just about on, Splash!, he'd get bowled over by a wave. Great fun for both of us.

I liked this little image. The water park had hundreds of these inflatable rafts for use with the slides or the wave pools. This batch was sitting on the "shore" of the newest wave pool and I just loved the play of light and reflections of the ceiling across their collectively fascinating shapes.
Get a grip

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  1. I love this picture. The way the light plays on all the surfaces. wow


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