Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday Night Lights

A friend celebrated his birthday Friday night by playing a gig in the lounge at Bandung restaurant. It's not a great venue for music, and they don't have any lights or sound system. Apparently Jeff brought his own, and while it was not a big multi-angle setup it provided a sense of being in a club. Somehow, they also had a fog machine and lasers.


He was primarily accompanied by Anapaula, a delightful singer who immigrated from Brazil. For a couple of years my wife was in a Brazilian pagode band with these two. Also sitting in occasionally were Graham and Chris, and a fellow I met just that night named Ryan.



Everything added up to a pretty fun night, even though I had to leave early to catch up with some other performer friends who were out. It is a tough life to be a social animal!


Happy birthday Jeff!

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