Saturday, April 21, 2012

If you get up early enough in the morning, you can get some really dramatically lit photos. The angle of the sun, the relative color of the light is more warm/yellow than in the noon hours, and the dew is still on the flowers and grass. Or, like me, you can sleep in and manipulate your camera to achieve results that are similarly dramatic.

See it in B&W here.

These were taken at about 8:30 this morning, and to be fair to myself, the house across the street blocks the sun on this part of the yard until around then anyway, so why bother being up at the crack of dawn?


I have a bumper crop of dandelions on my front terrace. Every time the city does me a favor and reseeds after they finish work, I get noxious weeks where my grass used to be. Thanks Mayor, but maybe we'd be happier if the crews just left mud behind. Then I could seed my own grass and not your mix of dandelions, creeping charlie, and crab grass. Where do you get that mix anyway?


And Nala has again proven herself trustworthy being outside in the yard unleashed and unattended. She remains inside the fence, and so pretty much gets to spend as much time out there as she wants (when we are at Reagan said, "Trust, but verify.") That makes her a happy kitty, and me a happy kitty 'owner'. She even likes it on chilly mornings when it is 37 degrees (F) and the grass is wet with dew.

Life is good.

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