Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vita brevis nudus pars.

Sometimes I am fortunate enough to have a client who is willing to have her photos shown to a wider audience. I always provide a mechanism for the client to protect her (or his) images. After all, some of them are teachers or in other sensitive careers where a revealing photograph could jeopardize them. In some cases I can show my work in my portfolio to a prospective client as long as no copies are made, and in other cases I am restricted to sharing only images with no identifying features such as a face or distinctive tattoo. I understand completely, and honor those requests. This beautiful woman was willing to allow her images to be shared.

This falls into a classification of photos I call "boudoir", or bedroom, photos which are most likely hung in a more private place in the home where not just everyone will see it. Many of my clients are women who choose just such portraits to celebrate their beauty - immortalizing it forever. Such women are not all model-beautiful (which I think is a ridiculous concept) and yet each and every one of them, having chosen to celebrate herself and her body, shines forth with a radiance that can only come from within. Age, scars, and gray hairs are honest indicators of life lived. Such women (and the occasional man) pay honor to the path that has brought them to this moment.

For a larger sampling of this sort of work, please visit the boudoir page of my business site. This is a style of portrait I love to take. It is such a revealing process for the client and I delight in the sheer joy that results from taking the plunge to do this. Not one has regretted her decision to have intimate portraits done, and many have gone further to recommend me and eyeDance Studio to friends. I also have work not displayed elsewhere at DeviantArt and I highly recommend you take a look there. A (free) membership is required to see my restricted images, and I encourage you to take the few minutes to become a member. There is a lot of good art - much more than just photographs - to be found.

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