Monday, September 28, 2009

Backlighting Experiments

The addition of a pair of 90" x 108" white curtains at the studio open up a couple of new doors for me. There are some projects I want to do with strong backlighting that were not possible (or at least, not as envisioned) before. Today Reena came into the studio with me and graciously agreed to be my model as I tested a lighting setup. It was so much easier than using myself as model!

Backlighting Experiment

The above image is a bit of foreshadowing for a shoot I have in mind. In this one I also wanted a nice picture of Reena so there is a fair amount of key light from the left in addition to the backlight. No fill; I simply had the backlight at an angle so it adds a dash of fill on the right. So what the story ends up being is a woman looking out a curtain with strong outside light. There is also a strong inside light present so her face is illuminated as well. With little or no key light, the subject would be in strong silhouette, and tell a different story. With a tad of adjustment to the temperature of the light, the viewer can be nudged to think wintery (cooler light) or summery (warmer light). As posted here, it is sort of a generic full-spectrum light that one could (and marketing folk do) call "daylight".

Some fun examples of backlighting that have caught my eye are linked HERE, and HERE (this second one is Not Safe For Work). I am eager to try some leaping dancer shots. I wonder where I can find leaping dancers..?

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