Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lekolites, freekolites

This week I acquired a pair of vintage 4.5" Lekolites. These stage spotlights are adjustable from 25-50 degrees, can iris, have shutters, take GOBOs and gels. The non-standard electrical terminator needed to be swapped for a standard 3-pin connector, but that only took a few minutes to do.


The light bulbs are still functional and the lights seem to work just fine. I wonder if they might be useful in a studio? I guess I'll see soon enough!


  1. Wow! lucky lekolites! You're gonna love what they can do! However they may be too much in your basement studio. In a larger studio they should be able to do great things. They can throw quite a beam. Use gloves when handling while on, they get quite hot. If you can somehow control them on a dimmer switch, you'll get a lot more variety out of them - but that may be a electricity thing. Perhaps you know all this, but some suggestions coming from a long time theater person. peace out!

  2. And the truly depressing thing? Those weren't VINTAGE when I was active in theatre... those were the state of the art, baby!


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