Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spirit Guide

I find myself REALLY enjoying the astonishingly rapid development of the plants in my yard. Yesterday, I had one jonquil in bloom, today I have a bunch. This morning my mayapples were about 2 inches tall and tonight they are 4 inches! It is the time of year that makes ME want to grow, to push myself to achieve more and be bolder, brighter, and bigger! The Pagan new year may be Samhain, and the time for setting goals Yule, but I find Beltane to be my explosion of growth. This is the time of year when all my seeds are a'bursting with energy and passion, and I want to create. I want to perform things I've learned in the past year. In the aerial dance world, that means I'm thinking about the August show at the Orton Park Festival. I want to fly in the Oak tree in the darkness and in front of a crowd. My inner diva (divo?) wants out! This jonquil is showing me the way:

My springtime guide

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